Hi everyone and welcome to the Beauty Corner, your landing page for all things beauty and AVON related!

My journey with AVON first started when I was a little girl and my mom was an AVON Independent Sales Representative. I remember helping her bag order and playing with all of the beauty products! At 18, I became an AVON Independent Sales Representative myself and found an even deeper love for the brand. Over the years, I continued with short stints of sharing the brand that I loved with my family and friends. Now in 2017 I’m back at it and fully dedicated to push myself to the limits to make this a highly successful venture.

I would absolutely LOVE the opportunity to be your “AVON lady” and to help you with all of your beauty and non-beauty needs related to the brand. I’m always available to answer questions and if there’s something that you’d like to “try before you buy”, let me know because I can likely send you a sample!

Since I’m just getting started again, I have an awesome deal for you. You can get this daily care collection full of 7¬†great products from the Skin So Soft and Moisture Therapy lines for just $19.99. It’s a $65 value and you’ll never be able to take advantage of a price this low through me again. You can order through my AVON eStore using order number 332-598.