During a short break time at work, you may not see how you’re able to sneak in that exercise. The reality is many of us face the frustration of trying to find time to sneak in exercise when at work. Whether you work at home or work outside of the home, you can sneak in a little workout throughout the day. Today I’m sharing a few ways you can sneak in exercise at work no matter what your job title is. *This post contains affiliate links.

Simple ways to sneak in exercise at work

Simple ways to sneak in exercise at work

Climb the Stairs
Do you work in an office building where there are some stairs to climb? If not, you can always make do with standing place and marching. I mean, who cares if your co-workers, stare at you, right? Take your 10-minute break up the stairs and get a little workout in during your brief break time.

Leg Exercises at Desk
While sitting at your desk you can easily work those leg muscles. Sitting in an upright position with good posture, lift and lower those legs. Sure it may not be comfortable at first and it may take some time to get a good rhythm on, but this is an easy way to sneak in exercise at work without leaving your desk.

Invest in Under the Desk Equipment
There are elliptical under the desk workout items that you can purchase online. Easily place this underneath your desk and watch as those leg muscles get toned. This is a great way to keep the blood flowing through your legs while you’re seated at a desk all day too.

Walk to Work
If all else fails and work is within walking distance to your home, you can walk to work. Invest in a music player like an iPod or MP3 player to listen to tunes as you enjoy a stroll from your house to your workplace. Do a test walk during the weekend to see how long it will take so you’re still on time to work.

Work the Abs
Seated at your desk with good posture, you can easily work those abs. Plant your feet on the ground, squeeze in your belly towards the spine and release after holding it for as long as you possibly can. This helps tighten those ab muscles while you’re getting work done.

There you have it, super easy ways you can sneak in exercise at work no matter what your workstation looks like. Working from home or working outside of the home, exercising is an easy task to sneak in during your busy workday.