Life is unpredictable and usually crazy busy. Each day you wake up with the mindset that you’ll get everything done on your to-do list, you’ll eat healthily and you’ll even sneak in a workout. While your vision is commendable, the follow through isn’t always reasonable. Life has a way of getting busy on us, even if we plan to take it slow. Today I wanted to share a few tips to stay healthy when you’re crazy busy*This post contains affiliate links.

Tips to Stay Healthy When You're Crazy Busy

Ways to stay healthy when you’re crazy busy

Walk While Talking
Even if pacing around the house while talking on the phone is an annoying trait some people have, it’s important to remember that this is exercise. Believe it or not, pacing around the house walking while you’re talking on the phone to friends, family or clients is an easy way to stay healthy when you’re crazy busy.

Mix up Your Water
There are many people who suffer from lack of interest in drinking water. It’s not because they don’t like water, it’s that lack of taste. The good news for those of you want to stay healthy when you’re crazy busy by drinking more water is that you can buy fruit infuser water bottles. Purchase a fruit infuser water bottle and look up some recipes for mixtures that appeal to your senses.

Invest in Healthy Snacks
Often times when we’re crazy busy with life, we reach for a quick snack idea. If you stock your home and office up with healthy snacks, such a protein bars, you’ll be less likely to reach for that bag of chips or leftovers from last night for a snack. The upfront cost of healthy snacks may seem scary for anyone living on a budget, so take advantage of online deal sites to get coupons for healthy snacks.

Prep Meals on Weekend
Make a commitment that you’ll take one hour every weekend to meal prep healthy ideas for the week. Surely this isn’t too much time to take away from your weekend adventures. Look up healthy meal ideas that you can freeze or store in the fridge to cook up during the week. Making sure you meal prep on the weekends will deter you from heading to that fast food drive-thru when you’ve had a long day.

Get Some Sleep
Lastly, the easiest way to stay healthy when you’re crazy busy is to get more sleep! Many adults suffer from lack of sleep because they live such a busy lifestyle that there is no pattern to their sleep schedule. Minimize the impact of a crazy life by getting more sleep. Set yourself up with a reasonable bedtime and wake up time, remain committed to this sleep pattern.

These tips to stay healthy when you’re crazy busy are simple adjustments to make in your everyday life. There is no reason to use your crazy busy lifestyle as a means to live unhealthily. Implement each of these tips soon and within a couple of weeks, you’ll start feeling healthier.

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